Never ending voyage in this dream of a playsuit from Tularosa The delicate pom pom details is feminine and very flattering on with dainted floral leaves.I styled it with sandals (similar to these or these) and will soon be taking it with me to Singapore. I love how flirty the look is, but still subtle to work on any occassion. This one’s a keeper ♥

Other than that my weekend was spent at a festival. I was invited on a “Picnic In The Park” with the brand Bik Bok along with several other bloggers with good music and beautiful weather. I spent most of the time catching up with a friend that I met exactly one year ago at a festival in Sweden. A lovely summer evening surrounded by good vibes. I am off for travels on Saturday, so make sure to follow Alexandra and I on snapchat (@tsutsumihoang @lillehoang) for fun adventures to come x

All Packed and Ready To Go

Affiliated linksALEX-FAVORITES-COLL NUM1. Dotted Shirt 2. Floral Maxi Kimono 3. For Love & Lemons Laced Dress

Just one little week and we will be packed and ready to go! Our second ASIA travels will start in Singapore and end in Taiwan, so Tsutsumi and I have spent hours online shopping for the upcoming trip.  The stuff you see here is a handful of what I will bring, Tsutsumi will also show you hers in the next post x

I can’t wait to wander around the beaches of Bali in the floral kimono dressDresses that I can twirl in are the most amazing thing ever. In the late afternoon we will attend a Balinese cooking class and dine bare feet in The dotted Shirt dress. The islands and waterfalls in Bali is going to be an adventure – and this bikini Top and Bottom from For Love & Lemons will keep me looking cute.

When busy nibbling on piña colada by the pool this Revolve One piece is going to be my go-to. The peachy romper from Lovers + Friends is everything that inspire me when it comes to summer and my love for the the beach and the sand.

ALEX-FLOWER-FAV NUM4. Daisy Floral 5. House of Harlow designed by Nicole Richie

My ideal vacation look is the floral garden dress from Privacy Please. The off-shoulder look livens up the outfit and makes the summer dress super cute and fun. The blue floral romper is designed by Nicole Richie and is a beautiful piece fitted for afternoon teas. I will be watching the sunset in Manila bay in For Love & Lemons and go on a Ziplining adventure in this quirky jumpsuit.

ALEX-BASIC-COLL NUM6. Lovers + Friends Heatwave Top 7.  L’Academie Military Blouse 8. Annie Dress 

When dining at Colony, one of Singapore’s most fancy restaurants, I’ll be prepped and ready in this white deep V-neck Annie Dress and pray that I don’t spill anything on it. Taiwan is going to be humid, so I would need to stay comfortable and still look adorable in silky materials like these two from L’Academie Military Blouse and Lovers + Friends Heatwave top

What do you think about my picks? I tend to be very critical when shopping online, but Revolve never fails to amaze me. All the pieces are gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear them all ♥


TSUMI-PINK-COLLHello & Good Morning.

Today I feel a bit weary, and the only thing keeping my Wednesday morning colorful is this outfit from last week that I wore on my birthday. I’ve received so many kind words about this outfit, especially the top! Every girl simply needs a romantic flutter top in their wardrobe. It’s a special piece for a special occasion.

So, what should I do today? Well, I shall read a book and just draw whatever I’m feeling and thinking at the moment while listening to soothing jazz. That’s my kind of “yoga” on a weary day. Current book situation, you ask? ‘Love Style Life’ by the charming Garance Dore. Thank me later, and see you on the next one!

TSUTSUMI-PINK-COLLTSUTSUMI-PINK-CLOUD-OOTDTop Sonder The Label Bottom H&M Bag Chanel Accessory The Kooples

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I can’t buy happiness, but I can buy a plane ticket.. and that’s pretty close

 Our destinations for Summer 2016

With the exam period slowly crawling up on us the travel bug is also at its full bloom. I just posted A Pocket Guide to New Zealand and Tsutsumi has to keep her trip to Paris a secret for now, but our plans for the summer is all booked! We could not be more excited for the adventures to come and share all the details with you. 



The first four days will be spent in Singapore, Asia’s most Westernized capital city. A must visit is the Universal Studios! We have been to the main one in Los Angeles before and always wanted to go back for it. Always been a kid at heart and visiting amusement parks is one of our best memories growing up. You can see the endless fun we had at Disneysea in Tokyo, here 


BALI - mvandersluisPHOTO: @mvandersluis 

The place we are most excited to visit – beautiful Bali! It is the number one place on our bucket list to do together and we are going to spend 5 magical days here.We will sip on cocktails in Seminyak, watch the sunrise from a volcano and visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud. Lazy days to sunbathe and snorkel in the middle of the ocean where the crystal clear waves of Nusa Dusa will amaze us. But most importantly we will simply enjoy life a little.

(I will also force Tsutsumi to try Kopi Luwak with me. It is the world’s most expensive coffee and is a cup of cat poop. YAS!)


KUALA LUMPUR sallywaldorfPHOTO: @sallywaldorf

Then we will fly to Kuala Lumpur for a day trip! This is where the stress begins with us running off to see the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Little India and Batu Caves. We will indulge in traditional Malaysian food, visit a couple of shrines and live in the seconds we find ourselves in.


MANILA reishaduartePHOTO: @reishaduarte

Mabuhay, Manila! We are still deciding whether to visit Boracay instead of being in Manila, but as for now I am more than happy to stay in Manila and do day trips. Our must-do is to dine under a waterfall and visit Mount Pinatubo. It is during the rain season while we’re there, but that wont matter because I really have the best time when Tsutsumi is traveling with me.


TAIWAN olidico.tumblr.comPHOTO: @olidico

Taiwan is going to be everything we need and more. Embrace the history and immerse ourselves in the culture and life of the people. I wanted to visit Taipei during my trip in Hong Kong back in February, so it is a thrill to finally lock the dates in. Can’t wait for my Taiwanese cuisine! I have been missing traditional asian food ever since I came back to Sydney. Our Instagram diaries is going to be one to look forward to, because our cousin is going to meet us halfway!

So much planning to do and that is the best part of the entire trip!  How lucky are we to travel with each other? Despite living on two different continents we still manage to run this blog together and meet for the second time this year – which makes me very happy for Giggles & Dimples to reunite ♥ We are going to have a million freckles to last for a lifetime and the most amazing time twinning


PIZZA-SPUNTINO-COLLWhat do I want to eat for my birthday?” “Furthermore, where should I eat?”  “I’m going to dine with a bouquet of close friends, where would be the most fitting restaurant for a group that gets particularly loud after a glass or two? ” hmm… I asked myself.

The answer was simple. I wanted to eat Italian food for my birthday, and it would have to be at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Spuntino. Last summer, my best friends and I visited Spuntino for the first time and have ever since come back for their signature dish, Pizza al Taglio. One of the first things that greets you when you arrive at Aker Brygge, is a little cozy and dark restaurant that lightens up with a candle lit ambience. It’s hip, chic, romantic and a hint of Rome. The prices are just right, which made Spuntino my go-to restaurant for this years birthday. Most of my friends haven’t even dined at this place, which by the way, is ridiculous! But hey, first time for everything and they ended up loving it as much as me!

HODO-AND-HAIRESTEFAN-TSUMI-COLL-1Small talks & light meals, such as focaccia farcita, pizza al taglio, and a huge range of cold & warm dishes.

PIZZA-SPUNTINO-TAPAS-BIRTHDAY-CAKEMy friends & I had such a wonderful time at Spuntino. Thank you for having us and for your lovely service! :)