IMG_0298Annie dress Viktoria Chan & Colleen Dress Tularosa 

What an adventure its been to travel around ASIA! For me (Alexandra) Singapore was my favourite destination simply because we explored a lot and did so many cool things in just 4 days. Prior to our trip, I remember reading online that Singapore isn’t really a place you’ll take a long vacation, but rather keeping it to roughly 3 days. Even though we went with the tip our stay was too short. None of us wanted to go, but perhaps spending just a few days was the perfect amount for us to come back for more. Here is our Singapore City Guide, enjoy x

Getting there from Europe

Fly Chic with Finnair from Europe to a variety of places in Asia via the most direct route from Helsinki. From Oslo to Singapore was only a total of 17 pleasant hours with minimal wait in between. While in transit the time was spent at the Finnair lounge for breakfast and tea which made the flight an experience in itself. With lots of quality time I got to watch a couple of movies, doodle some sketches and the time to just write down my ideas and thoughts.

Stay at Fairmont Singapore

Sophisticated Fairmont is a walking distance to the Merino Park, Durian-looking building and Marina Bay Sands. Fairmont Singapore is located in the City Centre connected to Raffles City mall. We chose to stay at this hotel for its location and wonderful aesthetics. The Italian restaurant Prego is a buffet serving a variety of yummy dishes for breakfast – perfect to start the day.

COLL-ANTIDOTEThe reception area has a beautiful glasswork structure dangling from the ceiling. We stayed at level 19 at the newly renovated North Tower overlooking beautiful views of Singapore city. So so soo amazing!

Afternoon Delight

A delightful Afternoon Tea in Singapore can simply not be missed. While staying at Fairmont Singapore we enjoyed High Tea at the chic restaurant Anti:Dote. It was something out of the ordinary when our food was presented in a chest of white drawers. Every drawer pulled out reveals a different set of canapes, desserts and sandwiches to our enjoyment. The chocolate-dipped strawberries dressed in a suit was definitely our favorite dessert.

Gardens By The Bay

When driving around the highways of Singapore you will see skyscrapers, Marina Bay Sands and luscious tropical nature. But the one thing that will stand out from the crowd is the supertall trees at Gardens By The Bay. After sunset the trees will light up the night sky! While we were visiting the park we paid an admission fee to get access to the Cloud Forest Dome. A beautiful tropical rainforest with spectacular waterfall – This place was incredible!


Universal Studios

Our best memory from this trip is visiting Universal Studios Singapore. Most of the rides was (not surprisingly) the same as they have in Los Angeles, but oh my god we had so much fun! The queues are much shorter than in LA , so we managed to take a bunch of rides. We brought our mom with us this summer, and she gets scared of the kid rides she takes with our siblings. I therefore made sure to take her on rollercoasters and pump her adrenalin by screaming my lungs out for no reason, haha. This is something you have to do when visiting – it is an adventure that will bring out the kid in you! Keep an eye out for our special Universal Studios Insider Guide!

Daisy Floral Dress / Zorn top and bottom

Little India

Colorful buildings, curry smelling restaurants, elephant gods and amazing temples. Make sure to visit Little India for an experience quite different from the modern skyscrapers and clean streets in the city centre.


Merlion Park

Here you find a majour tourist attraction: The iconic Merlion Lion spouting water. You get panoramic views of Marina Bay Sands and can enjoy lunch by the harbour.


#DineAtColony, Ritz-Carlton

Eight different open concept kitchens for diners to enjoy the finest cuisine from Japan, Malaysia, Indian and Western to name a few. It is ranked one of the best restaurants in Singapore for the delicious food, but what makes it stand out is the industrial chic interior theme that’s inspired by the nation’s colonial past. Highly recommended!

Clubbing at CE LA VIE

A rooftop bar playing R&B tunes all night. We had the best spectacular views of the city when shakin’ off to the rhytm. Ladies night is on Wednesdays and that means free entrance + a drink. Upon arrival one of the PR girls approached us and gave us access to the VIP area that was located next to the famouns infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands. Amazing end to our trip and an absolute must to do when in the city.

POOLTSU-CE-LAZARA Dress / Floral Jumpsuit (here)

What a beautiful country and so much fun! Stay tuned for our next city guide x

What Have You Been Up To Lately?

“What have you been up to lately?” Is a question I get asked frequently.

Well, let’s see…


I have doodled a little bit for Gina Tricot’s Autumn Winter Collection 16 event.

42 fashion sketches for influencers, journalists, singers and PR agents. It’s a dream job that I would love to do more of.


Going on adventures with mini-me.

She’s all grown up now! You tend to ask me who takes my photos when Alexandra is gone.. most of the time it’s my friends, but when shooting outside our home Victoria is my loyal photographer. She’s a little heartbreaker, I love her to bits. Our quirky outfits are from H&M. I styled my own outfit and wore it to H&M Loves Music Festival to shoot a promo video for the brand – a privilege I got to do last year as well.


Taking romantic walks around the city

As much as I love living in Oslo staying home for too long makes me restless. I just came back from Asia, but will soon fly to Copenhagen for an Urban Decay collection launch. Oh, do you remember my secret trip to Paris back in April? It’s just a matter of weeks now before I can reveal to you what I did there! Hint: It’s going to be a pop of color!


You always ask me about how I do my brows and I’m happy to say that I’m working on an ongoing campaign with L’Oreal Paris soon to be published. I’ll be showing step-by-step guide on the blog so stay tuned for lots of fun content in the near future ♥


For Love & Lemons outfits: 
Elizabeth Daisy Dress  Tsutsumi: Gracey Tank
Alexandra: Bohemian Off Shoulder

Good afternoon loves! After three months of drought we’re back with a new vlog together! This week vlog is “Would you rather” that is about us answering uncomfortable questions like: Would you rather have knives or penises as fingers?
We just came back from our trip to Asia and have so much fun content that we can’t wait to show you! Make sure to follow our youtube channel and be the first one to see our vlogs when it’s uploaded.

In my little black dress…

Golden Details & Happy Tsu

Romantic walks in little Oslo wearing Privacy Pls


In collaboration with Klook

KLOOK Travel is the place to go when you want to book amazing travel experiences. Ever since my first encounter with them in Hong Kong February that lead to our first ASIA collaboration we are very happy to do a second collaboration with them once again. KLOOK is a great place to try local activities and maximize the most out of a short stay – which is great for us who arrived in Singapore with different flights after not seing each other for three months. Our first full day in Singapore therefore kick started with a MegaZip adventure!

The Experience:

We’re all about adventures and did zip-lining last year at a winter resort in Norway. We therefore knew what a thrill it was and wanted our first day in Singapore to start with a bang with astonishing weather. Our cab driver drove us to the end of a hill of which we had to walk up for around 8minutes in the humid heat before reaching the very top. The MegaZip itself was so beautiful and free spirits when we made our way from the top to the bottom of the island. Mesmerizing views of Sentosa Island! What’s so fun with the Megazip adventure is that you can do it with your friends as a couple, three or even six all diving at the same time. The view of Sentosa Island and the crystal clear water is a must-see and we made sure to enjoy the beautiful views. A great experience that we would recommend you to do ♥

CABLE-BACK-COLLMy polka dot jumpsuit is from here Tsutsumi’s top here and bottom here

We also visited Universal Studios and had a takeover on Klook’s Instagram here and will soon give you a personal guide of our day there. It was so much fun! Other than that we also did something different during our stay which was the cable car dining.

Cable car dining is a great way to see Singapore and get entrance to the attractions at Sentosa Island. You get a stunning view of the city while enjoying dinner – making the experience unique. If you want to see the sunset and the skyline of Singapore over a nice dinner this is the place. For dinner we went for “Sky Dining – Singapore Delights” where Hainanese Chicken rise and Crispy Prawn Wanton were our favorite dishes. However, we did not expect for everything to be served (it wasn’t hot) all at once in a bento box. Given it was scheduled to be for two hours, I think we got a little misleaded because we were already done after a tiny hour. Based on photos I think we would have rather done the “Dining On Cloud 9″ where you get wine and plates for a fancy experience. This is definitely something to try if you want a different feel of the city, but if you’re just there to see the panoramic views then a cable car ticket will do it. However, we had soooo much fun having the cable car all to ourselves for a couple of rounds as you can see from our snapchat story HERE

Jumpsuit from Missguided – here


Once you go KLOOK you don’t go back. When something is great and every program is as fun as described you simply come back for more. The activities are all tested by the team and we always read the genuine recommendations of other travelers when booking. See our past collaborations in Hong Kong (here), Japan (here) and South-Korea (here)

When booking with KLOOK.. you’ll have the perfect trip planner prior to your departure. We went from having no plans in July to have the whole month booked with lots of activities to look forward to.

When booking with KLOOK.. you can download the app and get the vouchers direct. This was very useful for us who don’t have access to instant wifi or printer when traveling. How awesome isn’t it that you can reach out to your pocket and book a local experience straight away?

When booking with KLOOK.. expect a pleasant booking process and great discounts. I basically browsed the website for approx. an hour and decided on the activities “Zip lining + Paragliding Package” before I made a booking and received the voucher in an instance. It basically took me roughly one minute to book before the faith of Tsutsumi and I was locked to the MegaZip.