Innovation Is Changing How We Use Cannabis

By | December 1, 2017

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The Cannabis Industry Is Changing

Sustained Growth & Innovation

This month, I had the privilege of attending MJBIZCON, I’m pleased to report (despite an unfriendly White House administration) the cannabis industry continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

MJBIZCON, the first national marijuana trade show, began in 2012. They started with just 20ish exhibitors and had only 400+ attendees.

Five years later, MJBIZCON 2017 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show featured over 675 exhibitors, 110+ speakers, and more than 18,500 industry representatives were in attendance.

It was massive, remarkably educational, and overall, just incredible.

What do you imagine when thinking of a marijuana trade show?

In a legal recreational state like Nevada, one might sense the occasional whiff of a cannabis vape pen while listening to the keynote speeches, but don’t expect a party scene. MJBIZCON is a legitimate professional trade show – people in suits, making deals, educating, and networking.

The Way We Use Cannabis Is Changing

One of the most interesting trends in the cannabis industry is innovation around the way consumers use marijuana.


The Industry Is Trending Towards Wellness

For some time, the marijuana industry has been trying to move away from stereotypical stoner associations. The newest trends propel that movement forward, catering to consumers who seek to enhance wellness and boost productivity.

Innovation in the cannabis industry proposes a clean accurate delivery system.

Pictures of marijuana and flowers

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Innovations In Microdosing

Microdosing, or consuming small amounts of cannabinoids at regular intervals, has been growing n popularity for the past several years.  Industries cater to consumer demands, and the cannabis industry is following suit.

Edibles and delivery devices are transitions to offer consumers a more accurate experience.


Innovative Products That Will Change the Way We Consume Cannabis



I’m a big believer in whole plant cannabis. Isolating CBD and THC from the other chemical ingredients result in different health effects.

Imagine you could design a custom strain of cannabis and that strain could have the exact amount cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils you need for your condition. What if a physician could even prescribe exact ratios, and you could blend your custom vape oil at home?  Oblend does exactly that.

Oblend is now available for preorder. See it work:


Indose Metered Vaporizer

The world’s first metered vaporizer and the only vaporizer that can accurately measure the exact amount of vapor being produced (thanks to patented sensors and proprietary firmware). When used to specific cartridges, this vaporizer can tell you exactly how many milligrams of CBD or TCH you’re inhaling.



Lexaria BioScience: DehydraTECH

Lexaria has developed a patented delivery technology enhances the performance of cannabinoids. DehydraTECH improves cannabis delivery in several ways.

  • It masks the smell and taste of cannabis
  • It reduces the onset of action
  • absorption & bioavailability

DehydraTECH is currently being used in Lexaria’s hemp-based CBD products. They also offer licenses on the technology to thrid-party partners.

Learn more about DehydraTECH™ :




Edibles Designed for MicroDosing

Some patients Microdose by cutting edibles into smaller pieces, but this isn’t an accurate way to measure medication. Check out these pastilles from GoodShip. Each piece contains only 2.5 mg of THC. This tiny mg size allows patients to dose accurately.  Sorry friends, you can’t pick these up in most states yet, but if you live in Washington, you’re in luck.


Sipping Cannabis

Kush Cups

There are a few companies out there selling cannabis-infused coffee and tea. Keurig-like pods are growing popular.  Kush Cups produces several varieties of pods, containing 54 mg of THC.  I’ve tried Kush Cups and can say, it’s a great treat to wake up to.  Again, there aren’t too many places you can buy Kush Cups yet.



The thing I love about BrewBudz is that they promise to deliver whole-plant medicine. BrewBudz also produces coffee pods and offers a line of teas. They report using a patented extraction technique that allows them to deliver whole-plant cannabinoids without an oil base. Their products are exclusively flower based.


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