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Innovation Is Changing How We Use Cannabis

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The Cannabis Industry Is Changing

Sustained Growth & Innovation

This month, I had the privilege of attending MJBIZCON, I’m pleased to report (despite an unfriendly White House administration) the cannabis industry continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

MJBIZCON, the first national marijuana trade show, began in 2012. They started with just 20ish exhibitors and had only 400+ attendees.

Five years later, MJBIZCON 2017 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show featured over 675 exhibitors, 110+ speakers, and more than 18,500 industry representatives were in attendance.

It was massive, remarkably educational, and overall, just incredible.

What do you imagine when thinking of a marijuana trade show?

In a legal recreational state like Nevada, one might sense the occasional whiff of a cannabis vape pen while listening to the keynote speeches, but don’t expect a party scene. MJBIZCON is a legitimate professional trade show – people in suits, making deals, educating, and networking.

The Way We Use Cannabis Is Changing

One of the most interesting trends in the cannabis industry is innovation around the way consumers use marijuana.


The Industry Is Trending